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Chris graduated from Lake Stevens High School in 1997.  During this time he made an indelible mark upon the school.  He was a standout athlete in football, wrestling, and track, and graduated with a 3.66 GPA in college prep courses.  It is as a member of the Leadership Class, though, where he may be best remembered.  Chris helped created a variety of wild and memorable assemblies that quickly became a part of Lake Stevens High School folklore.

Shortly after graduation Chris moved to Maui, Hawaii where he was “discovered” by actress Rae Dawn Chong while working as a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  He was flown to Los Angeles and starred in his first movie, “Cursed Part 3”.  After this auspicious beginning Chris was able to sign with a manager and an agent and his career took off.  As his resume grew he was able to land the role of “Bright Abbott” on the very popular Warner Brothers TV show “Everwood”.  From this early success we can all only imagine where Chris’ future may lead.

Lake Stevens High School is very proud of the accomplishments of Chris. The student recognition committee of Lake Stevens High School voted Chris into the Vikings Hall of Fame.  We are all honored to enshrine him as a member of the LSHS Hall of Fame.

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