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Flavia Van Dyke taught piano lessons to three generations of students in the studio of her home where she lived for 84 years. In Lake Stevens, no individual, over such an extended period, has earned more respect or inspired more devotion than Ms. Van Dyke.  Born May 25, 1909 in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, Flavia moved with her family to our community in 1919. She graduated from Everett High in “1926-and-a-half,” and soon became the musical center of Lake Stevens.  At twelve she taught her own seventh grade teacher piano. Later, she accompanied silent films in a long-gone downtown theatre, at nineteen she created and directed the Everett Women’s Club orchestra, she opened her own studio in 1928, and, when she was certified to teach band and orchestra in 1932, taught music at LSHS. When Flavia finally removed her “Flavia Van Dyke, Teacher of Piano” sign from her window, thousands of us sadly recognized the end of marvelous era. When she died on December 24, 2006, Lake Stevens lost one it’s most valuable and memorable citizens.


Even after her passing, Flavia continued to support the love of music in the Lake Stevens Schools.  In her will she donated two Baby Grand pianos to the music department in order to inspire future music lovers in our community.  Through these generous acts, her legacy lives on.

of Lake Stevens High School

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