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Josh Wolff


When Josh Wolff left Lake Stevens High School in 1991, everyone who knew him here knew he was headed for good places. A student of eclectic interests (Hi-Q / Knowledge Bowl, FBLA, Jazz Band, Jubilation, Varsity Football, Valedictorian), he had many choices: athletics – as a football player he was a top scholar athlete and won all-conference honors – or he might have chosen theatre – his participation in drama at Lake earned recognition and awards. Instead, after studying music at Edmonds Community College with Frank DeMiero and at the University of Washington, he left for New York City, where he began a stellar career as a professional musician and a music educator. He became part of a new Harlem Renaissance, played concerts and jazz clubs all over the city, travelled the world, and played with and was admired by the best musicians everywhere. Josh became head editor of the magazine Harlem Today, where he promoted the life and the food and the music of his neighborhood. Lee Lawless of the The Harlem Times wrote, “Wherever Josh went, his love of knowledge made his life and the lives of those around him truly rich whether he was telling jokes, stories, or just carrying on an ever-lively conversation.” His devotion to music, his love of others, his encyclopedic knowledge, his commitment to his art and to his community, his accessibility, and his great joy in living made his life a truly great composition. Josh passed away on May 19, 2013 at thirty-nine; his life and his gifts to the world will be celebrated forever. 

of Lake Stevens High School

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