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For the past 33 years Gilman McKinnie has been a guiding force for the betterment of Lake Stevens High School.  He has been the definition of a leader through example.  Whether it was in the classroom, or in the sports arena, as an administrator, or as a social focal point Gil has always been a superb role model for staff and students alike.


Before Gil arrived at Lake Stevens he already had a list of accomplishments that many people do not achieve in a lifetime.  Along with having developed excellent pedagogical skills he also had coached the Coulee City Rams to a state championship in football and to a state championship final game in basketball.


At Lake Stevens Gil taught social studies for 28 years.  Many of those years were spent as the department chair.  He was beloved by his students and someone that other staff members could always count on when seeking help and advice.


Gil was an assistant basketball coach for 7 years before becoming the head boys’ coach for the next 5 years.  He then went on to be an assistant girls’ coach for 18 years.  In football Gilman served as an assistant for 24 years.  For many of those years he served as the offensive coordinator and was an important contributor to Lake Stevens’ two trips to the Kingbowl State Championship game.


After retiring from the classroom Gil became an administrator and served as the Dean of Students for his final 5 years.  Along with his myriad of regular duties Gilman found time to be co-founder of the highly successful Purple and Gold Club and to help organize and serve on the Hall-of-Fame committee.


It is well-established that Lake Stevens High School is a better place due to the multitude of accomplishments of Gilman McKinnie and that his legacy will live on and on in the lives of all the students and teachers whose lives he so indelibly touched.

of Lake Stevens High School

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